Download the Argon CI/CD Security Solution Brief

State of the art security platform for your CI/CD pipeline

Modern software delivery makes use of automated CI/CD pipelines to develop, build, test, and deploy new software in an accelerated and effective way. 

These pipelines rely on a variety of open-source tools and cloud / hosted services. This interconnectivity is what enables agility, but at the same time it opens organizations to a new attack surface. 

Download Argon’s Solution Brief to learn more about:
  • The main security risks introduced by the move to CI/CD pipelines 
  • How Argon connects to your development environments and tools
  • Gaining single-pane-of-glass visibility across your entire CI/CD pipeline
  • Applying security best practices, enforcing compliance rules, and ensuring release integrity
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Join our CTO in a thought-provoking discussion on software supply chain attacks with Cyberint
Join our CTO in a thought-provoking discussion on supply chain attacks