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Yarn vs. NPM: Which Package Manager You Should Choose, and Why?

npm and Yarn are two package managers developers swear by. Both these package managers are at the top in this…

Eylam Milner
Dec 08 · 6 min read

How to perform software composition analysis?

Application security is paramount in the era of massive, distributed, cloud-native workloads. Attackers can exploit a minor vulnerability and leverage…

Eilon Elhadad
Nov 30 · 8 min read

Top 11 Most Common Web Application Cyber Attacks

In a sea of SaaS applications, customers and cybercriminals alike are spoilt for choice. So, when certain web applications are…

Eilon Elhadad
Nov 22 · 9 min read

How to Teach Developers to Create Secure Apps

Developers pay great attention to the design of software products, trying to make them as convenient as possible. But what…

David Balaban
Nov 15 · 6 min read

The Open-Source Package Poisoning Attack Vector

The Software Supply Chain Risk  The software supply chain has quickly risen to become one of the largest security obstacles…

Nurit Bielorai
Nov 10 · 7 min read

13 Top Linux Security Tools

Linux is the most popular operating system in the enterprise when it comes to running data centers, servers, and enterprise…

Guy Ben-Aharon
Nov 02 · 8 min read

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